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Tourism business support services

At Tourism IQ, we believe that successful tourism businesses generally have

  • A good product
  • Great customer focussed staff
  • Well thought out systems and procedures
  • A caring approach to the natural environment and the local community.

While our natural environment is a key 'draw card' for visitors, it is also important that we deliver a total visitor experience package to those travelling around the country. What contributes to a visitor’s wonderful experience with your operation varies from person to person although there are many common elements. Visitors love to feel special at all the touch points they have with your business. They will value an authentic experience and will feel good when they find out that the operator they have chosen cares for both people and place.

So let us offer you some support services that can help ensure you and your staff deliver a wonderful visitor experience to your customers. They will market your product at no extra cost. There is no alternative to meeting or succeeding your customer’s expectations, if you want to grow your business.


The Support Services we Provide

Additional Support Services

Pre 2020, we at Tourism IQ, provided a wide range of tourism service for our clients who we worked with. We were basically a “one stop shop” and provided additional support services to the four areas we are now focussing on. We can still provide help in these following areas:

Supporting operators setting up a new tourism business
Preparing for external audits and assessments such as Qualmark, OutdoorsMark, etc.
Mentoring accommodation businesses such as Lodges, Farm stays, Motels and B&Bs
Reviewing Health and Safety Plans and Systems
Linking you with other tourism providers in areas we may not have the level of expertise you require, such as website design, social media, Human Resources, Agri Tourism, Finance and Legal, Insurance (including Liability) and Business Planning
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Our Process for supporting tourism businesses

We provide a first up free consultation to ensure we can meet your needs
Together we develop a plan covering content, time frame, costs, and desired outcomes
We then implement this plan
We provide regular updates and offer fine tuning opportunities
On completion of the service, we provide an associated report
Free Initial Consultation

Do contact us for a free initial consultation and see if we can meet your needs.