Customer Service Training
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Managing the Visitor Experience through Customer Service Training

Hire for attitude and train for skills says it all. Staff customer service training is an investment and there is no better return that sending your customers on their way singing your praises. Our aim is to help develop your staff into gold customer service providers.

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What we can offer

First up, we offer a free initial consultation to uncover opportunities we can work with you on. These opportunities may include:

2-hour Workshop

A 2-hour workshop covering the important role staff play in providing a memorable customer experience along with tips, suggestions, and techniques to ensure an excellent visitor experience is delivered.

In-depth Workshop

A more in-depth workshop addressing areas important areas in the visitor experience journey such as the importance of first impressions, how to identify visitor wants and needs, Active listening, Dealing with complaints, The power of Yes, etc.

Customer Service Workshop

A Customer Service workshop similar to that offered in the in-depth workshop but totally focused on the type of visitor experience you want new staff to deliver. This could be part of their induction programme.

Fine Tuning Programme

A program based on us having conducted a Bespoke Mystery Shop experience which may identify areas of the experience that could be fine-tuned to improve the visitor experience.

Specific Requirements

You may have specific “customer service” requirements which you would like us to address with your staff.
Free Initial Consultation

Looking for some help?
Do contact us for a free initial consultation and to see if we can meet your needs.

Why choose Tourism IQ to help develop your staff’s customer service skills?

Tourism IQ has delivered customer service workshops to a variety of tourism businesses and we both have had extensive experience in both providing an excellent visitor experience and managing staff who interact with tourists.

The experience we bring to customer service training

  • When John managed the Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management programme at Queenstown Resort College, he was responsible for delivering twenty 2-hour lecture workshops as part of the Managing the Visitor Experience paper in the Tourism Management Diploma.
  • John has delivered Customer Service workshops to a variety of tourism businesses including Real Journeys (Now RealNZ), The Helicopter Line, Rotoroa Island, Canyon Swing, Mt Difficulty Wines, The Rees Hotel and Stewart Island Experience.
  • Amanda was the Team leader on a 72 person overnight vessel with 12 staff and received acclaim for the customer experience provided. She also managed 3 overnight vessels and ensured there was a real focus on the customer experience provided on them.
  • When managing Wilderness Lodge Arthurs Pass, we implemented a staff training programme to ensure guests received a 5-star visitor experience.
  • When we set up and operated our Boutique Country Lodge, we gained No 1 place on Trip Advisor for Queenstown B&B and Inns throughout our ownership period.

John has gained the following tourism and Customer service qualifications

  • National Certificate in Tourism and Travel Level 3 NZQA
  • Kiwi Host / Super Kiwi Host / Culture Kiwi Host.

Staff are the KEY. If your staff have a positive attitude, they can easily develop the skills needed to provide a gold star “wow” visitor experience and thus exceed your customer’s expectations.  Get it right and you send your customers away as enthusiastic marketers and at the same time gain Excellences on Trip Advisor, 5 Star Google Business Reviews and receive great “Thank You” emails which further reinforce your staff’s visitor focus.. Such high standards also boost staff morale, enhance your businesses reputation, help attract and retain super-star staff…the benefit list goes on and on.

The visitor experience tells customers all about who you are, your culture and just how you do things, for Customer Service is not a department, it is a philosophy. If you do not get it right, you will be trying to run a business with few customers. Loyal customers are hard won and easily lost and your staff are the vital links in the chain.

We believe there are two key influencers of customer satisfaction levels. They are…

  • Expectation v Delivery
  • Value for money

And it goes without saying that your staff control both of them.

Manaakitanga has become a much used term in the New Zealand tourism industry. It captures the essence of what great customer service is all about….showing respect, hospitality, kindness, generosity and caring for the people who use your services. You do not sell a trip, a bed, a meal or coffee, you sell an EXPERIENCE and they are buying a service that must meet or exceed their expectations. The visitor experience is a combination of how they feel at each touch point they have with your operation.

Staff customer service training is an investment and there is no better return that sending your customers on their way singing your praises. Our aim is to help develop your staff into gold customer service providers.

Our Process for supporting tourism businesses

We provide a first up free consultation to ensure we can meet your needs
Together we develop a plan covering content, time frame, costs, and desired outcomes
We then implement this plan
We provide regular updates and offer fine tuning opportunities
On completion of the service, we provide an associated report