Bespoke Mystery Shop Programme
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A Bespoke Mystery Shop Programme for your Business

Tourism IQ offers a Bespoke Mystery Shopping Service which will give you a customer perspective picture of the “experience” you offer. This service can be a very important tool in ensuring your service levels remain high and your customers receive a great visitor experience.

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What we can offer

First up, we offer a free initial consultation to see whether a bespoke mystery shop service meets your needs. This service can be adapted to meet your specific requirements - hence this product being bespoke. The basic process is:

Mystery Shop Planning

We would work with you to identify the areas to be covered during the mystery shop experience. These could include our generic checklist which gives you in-depth feedback on how your customers view the visitor experience you offer and /or focus on areas you may have identified as perhaps needing some fine tuning. We would also cover costings and the time frame for delivery.


Carry out the bespoke mystery shop experience as developed and agreed upon, during the planning session.


Present a report based on the agreed focus of the "mystery shop" visit. The depth and nature of this reporting process will have been agreed upon during the Planning process

Further Support

If the report identifies some areas that need addressing, you may decide to use us to help. We can work with you on these or suggest a provider who you could use if we feel you require support in an area we may not have the level of expertise in.
Free Initial Consultation

Looking for some help?
Do contact us for a free initial consultation and to see if we can meet your needs.

Why choose Tourism IQ to deliver a Bespoke Mystery Shop Programme for you    

We both have had over 20 years of experience in a variety of tourism roles and have mystery shopped a number of tourist accommodation and activity/attraction businesses at the request of their owners. Also as Tourism New Zealand Qualmark assessors and business advisors, we have evaluated a large number of tourist businesses. Part of this role was to identify areas that would benefit from some attention and suggest ways to go about addressing these “gaps”.

Our time as Tourism New Zealand Qualmark assessors and business advisors saw us “evaluate” hundreds of tourist operators throughout New Zealand. This gives us a great background of knowledge to benchmark your operation against.

We have experience in mystery shopping, both accommodation and activity providers, and coming up with suggested improvements. On a number of occasions, I (John) have mystery shopped activity and attraction providers before delivering customer service and guide training sessions for their staff.

We believe progressive, successful tourism operators are open-minded and are always looking for opportunities to improve. They are on a journey from GOOD to GREAT. …. remember that Olympic slogan, “Better never stops.” Through a bespoke Mystery Shop experience, we can offer a fresh set of eyes to identify areas you could focus on. As previously mentioned, our recent role as Tourism New Zealand Qualmark assessors in both Accommodation and Adventure Tourism and Transportation, along with over 20 years in various tourism positions, has given us the opportunity to experience a wide range of tourism businesses and identify award winning practices. This allows us to see how you compare with benchmark operations.

Some operators rely on their customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate how staff are performing. While these do give you some feedback, they have shortcomings. You may have got the product right but are staff delivering that experience at the level your customers expect? So why not use us as a “new lens”, a fresh set of eyes, to check on the quality of the service delivery.

The results of the mystery shop experience may reinforce the high standards you believe you bring to your customer’s experience are being met or they may identify areas that could benefit from some fine tuning.

Our Process for supporting tourism businesses

We provide a first up free consultation to ensure we can meet your needs
Together we develop a plan covering content, time frame, costs, and desired outcomes
We then implement this plan
We provide regular updates and offer fine tuning opportunities
On completion of the service, we provide an associated report